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Earth Based Religion and Spirituality

Are you familiar with earth based religion and spirituality? Those that believe in this philosophy often have great respect for the earth and all of its beings.

What does earth based religion and spirituality mean? For those that practice pagan beliefs or Wiccan practices, this type of religion has a lot to do with the earth, and barely anything to do with organized religion. Many believe that prior to organized religion the people of the earth worshiped all earthly things. Pagans and Wiccans are currently upholding this belief. What is a Pagan? What is a Wiccan? Do you think you know the answer to these questions? The information listed below might surprise you…

Paganism is a type of religious belief that actually encompasses many different cultures and religious practices. Throughout the world, many people follow a Pagan lifestyle. The term “Pagan” can actually refer to spiritualist, animistic, or shamanic practices. Additionally, this term can encompass any kind of folk religion. Some groups that can be placed within this category include Ancient Egyptian religion; Ancient Semitic religion; Ancient Greek religion; Ancient Roman religion; Aztec Paganism, and many other kinds of religious beliefs.

What about Wiccans? Are Wiccans considered pagan? Some people believe that Wiccans are part of the pagan religion. Others believe that Wiccans are just nature-based religious worshipers. Typically, Wiccans believe in a Horned God and a Triple Goddess. Wiccans also believe in magic, a certain code of ethics that is largely based upon morality, and a good number of festivals that pay homage to the seasons. For Wiccans, there is no separation between earth based religion and spirituality. As one worships the earth, spirituality just begins to surface. In many ways, the general population as a whole can take a few key lessons on respecting the earth from this religious group.

Now that you know the difference between a pagan and a Wiccan, you may be able to understand why some people choose to worship the earth. Since the earth has given us life (in many forms), it makes sense to respect it…even if you aren’t pagan or Wiccan. As you begin to respect the earth, you will quickly see how important this notion truly is.

For those that believe in earth based religion and spirituality, there can be nothing more important than taking care of the world that surrounds us.

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